OctoPad Best Tripod For Video Cameras

The OctoPad is a completely NEW way to support equipment.

It is a patent pending, weighted non-slip mat design offering far superior stability to that of existing small bendy/rigid tripod and suction cup mounts.

An adaptive go anywhere, do anything tripod alternative!

The OctoPad’s ® 1/4-20 inch threaded bolt is a universal, worldwide standard connection interface for equipment mounting. Many pieces of audio, video and photographic equipment have the connection built in, for example as seen in the bottom of most cameras. Those that do not can be easily adapted to it with the addition of 3rd party products, such as smartphone clamps. This creates even more possibilities for supporting a broad base of items.

Traditional small-format supports for various audio, video and photographic equipment have included the rigid mini-tripod, the bendable tripod and the suction cup mount. The issues with these are that they respectively often collapse under weight, slip or tip over easily, or simply come unstuck and fall off.

These things often tend to happen at the worst moments. And this drives people nuts!

The OctoPad solves these three major complaints:

  • Doesn't tip over- or collapse under weight
  • Doesn't slip or slide- including on uneven or smooth surfaces
  • Doesn't lose suction- or come suddenly unattached


The OctoPad is adaptable to endless audio, video and photographic equipment setups requiring safe and reliable support. Take a look below to discover all the ways you could be putting an OctoPad to use for you…


OctoPad for Audio Applications

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OctoPad for Video Applications

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OctoPad for Photography Applications

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OctoPad for Mobile Applications

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Octopus.Camera was founded by industry veterans with over 50 years of cumulative experience in this field.

The company specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality, competitively priced accessories with a focus on solving everyday problems.

What Is An OctoPad?

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